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Greetings, welcome to my tale. As Edgar Allan Poe famously proclaimed, "there is no beauty without strangeness." My name is Sughra, and among the many things that bring me joy, gardening and art are at the forefront. Gardening fills me with immense satisfaction, and witnessing the flowers bloom or the trees bear fruit fills me with wonder. Art, on the other hand, is my attempt to connect with the essence and spirit of the world. I believe that nature, plants, animals, and humans are all interconnected and influence each other through our actions. Through my art, I endeavor to capture the emotions that I see in nature and convey them to others, using flowers and leaves from my garden as my medium of choice. I hope that those who view my work will be able to connect with the depth of expressive emotions that I strive to convey. My art is entirely unique, and I never repeat any of my creations. I use mixed media to bring my ideas to life, and my prices are always fair and affordable so that anyone and everyone can have an original piece of art to call their own.

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